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Bulk Email Advertising

Successful Tips For Getting Results From Bulk Email Advertising.

Bulk email advertising is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of advertising today. However, bulk mailing is no longer what is used to be before and with laws becoming stricter and consumers becoming smarter each day, one needs to apply different marketing and mailing strategies in order to maximize returns from bulk email advertising. Some tips that can help you in getting great results from bulk email advertising are:

Take bulk email advertising seriously and create an email marketing plan: Do not take bulk email advertising lightly since it can be an extremely effective and cost effective medium if used properly. If you do not already have one, create an email marketing plan that outlines total outlay, goals and objectives, success metrics and plan of action.

Segment and personalize: Segmentation has become an important prerequisite if you want results from bulk email advertising. Thankfully for advertisers today, software tools are available to track and report on which links a user clicks on your email ads, which products he is interested in and what ticket items he might be interested in buying. So apart from basic demographic segmentation, you can easily segment and send mails based on customer preferences and attitudes. With advanced software available today, it is extremely easy to send personalized emails that address your target customer by name in the subject line and at the beginning of the email. Apart from this, make sure that you deliver content that might interest your readers instead of sending a one size suits all mail to everyone on your list.

Test everything before sending: Before you send out bulk email ads to thousands of consumers, ensure that your message is being delivered in the format that you want it to be viewed in. Sending pre- campaign emails to different test accounts with all popular email clients like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and MSN is necessary to find out that you are not being blocked, blacklisted or filtered even before you reach your target audience's mailbox. This is also necessary to check whether your mail is delivered just the way it is supposed to without text, animation or pictures being lost or distorted. Correct all problems before sending out bulk email advertisements.

Pay attention to conversion: Many email marketers give a lot of undue importance to process statistics like number of emails checked and links clicked instead of actually focusing on the number of conversions. It should always be kept in mind that the desired result of bulk email advertising is not getting customer attention but converting email readers into clients, users or customers. There is a variety of software that can give you the actual rate of conversion resulting from any bulk email advertising campaign. Always use these figures to calculate your return on investment and also to decide on changes that need to be made to the campaign or the message in order to get better results.

Go for opt in advertising: Customers today have become extremely hostile towards unsolicited mail and as a serious advertiser, it is extremely important to build your credibility with clients by using permission based mailing lists. Therefore, going for opt-in advertising is much better than opt-out permissions since this would ensure that you are not spending money on sending mails to people who do not want to receive them at all.

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